Copywriting Interview: Getting and Keeping Attention

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Whether you’re a copywriter or a direct marketer or a blogger, it’s critical that you develop the ability to get and keep people’s attention.

This is the focus of the following MP3 recording in which Mike Dolpies interviews me about advertising in general and how to get and keep attention in any market.

Mike is a guy who provides marketing advice to owners of martial arts studios. And we did this particular interview for his paying members.

And since you’re a paying member of Copywriting Code, I’m sharing the interview with you as well. The interview is just 38 minutes long, so it’s easy to listen to even if you’ve got a busy schedule.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • How to mind-read your market.
  • Counter-intuitive copywriting tips.
  • What you shouldn’t do in an email subject line.
  • How to be so compelling your prospects can’t look away.
  • And more…

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