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I’ve just finished a brand new report called “15 Copywriting Mistakes that Kill Conversions (and Hurt Clients).”

This 3,500 word PDF is available for immediate download.

Read it on your computer or print it out so you can take notes as you go.

Here’s the link to download the PDF. (Right click and select “Save As” to download to your computer.)

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As I write this, consumers are becoming more skeptical of online sales claims than they’ve ever been.

If you are selling anything on the web, you are automatically assumed to be guilty of lying or, at the very best, exaggerating. And in order to make the sale and earn a new customer, you must definitively prove the claims you’ve made.

How do you prove your claims? By offering proof, of course.

I have come up with 6 different forms of proof that instantly boost web copy conversions. Add to your web copy as many forms of proof as you can and your conversions are practically guaranteed to go up.

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