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July 2010

Have you ever sat down to write, then just stared at your computer screen struggling to type the first word? Or have you ever begun to write, then been sidetracked by a thousand distractions?

It’s happened to me.

It’s amazing, when you think about it. Here we are in the 21st Century with the most powerful, compact computers ever conceived of. Not only that, we’re connected to the largest database of information ever compiled in all of history!

And yet, for all this “pomp and circumstance” — you know… snazzy computers and wifi connections galore — we still have trouble writing.

Fortunately, I come bearing good news.

You see, I’ve discovered an ancient technology that can literally shatter writer’s block. This technology will almost instantly overcome your inertia and put you on the fast track to finishing any ad or sales letter faster than you would have imagined.

What is it? Quite simply…

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Good sales copy is a well-manicured lawn.

There are probably dozens of metaphors that I could have used to describe good sales copy, but this is the one that’s stuck with me.

While it may seem like a strange metaphor, it will make perfect sense in just a few minutes. And it will help you write better copy, too.

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