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Sometimes you can learn a lot from movies. They’re often packed with copywriting, advertising, and marketing secrets — if only you will take the time to look.

For instance, movies can teach you a lot about how to “pace” your ads to keep your readers hanging on until they read every last word. And movies can teach you a lot about timeless story formats that work over and over again.

But one recent movie in particular stands out to me for the lesson it contains. And that movie is James Cameron’s Avatar.

In Avatar, the main character Jake Sully is a crippled ex-Marine. And through some strange feat of biological engineering, he is able to somehow use his mind to remotely control a giant lab-grown body.

Sully’s full-time job then becomes to “infiltrate” a race of people called the Na’vi. He pretends to be a real Na’vi to gain their trust and learn information that can be used against them.

Of course, the entire time Sully’s real body is back at “home base” while he is mentally manning this “biological robot” (so to speak).

Anyway, when you think about it, this is often what’s required to write truly persuasive sales copy…

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