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If you’ve studied marketing for very long at all, then you probably already know that the most important component involved in making a sale is not the sales message.

In fact, there are two components far more important than the sales message. And if these aren’t in place, your copy is going to take a beating no matter how good it is.

So what are these two components? They are: the person and the offer.

  • The person you’re selling to is most important. You must have a qualified prospect who is interested in what you sell. Is he your ideal customer? If so, good; you can move on to the next component.
  • The offer is the second most important component of a sale. The offer must be something the prospect is interested in.
  • And finally comes the message. You must tell your prospect about your offer in a way that captures his attention… and his wallet.

These three components can be summed up as Person, Offer, Message. (Sometimes described as List, Offer, Copy.) And, as you can see, the message is dead last in this hierarchy.

Now that I’ve laid a foundation, what I really want to talk about today is how to craft winning offers

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