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Once you’ve completed writing a promotion, most of the hard work is over. But there is still one more critical step to make sure your copy is as tight as it can possibly be.

The step I’m referring to is… the editing step.

As I’ve mentioned before, a great way to edit is to read your copy out loud. Just print up your letter or email or landing page and read it out loud, by yourself, in a room where there are no distractions.

Rough spots will stand out because you’ll “stumble” if the writing isn’t perfectly clear.

Now, as you read through your copy (both quietly and out loud), you need to be asking yourself a series of specific questions. These questions will focus your mind so that you can make your sales copy as smooth and persuasive as possible.

Here are the questions:

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Good sales copy is a well-manicured lawn.

There are probably dozens of metaphors that I could have used to describe good sales copy, but this is the one that’s stuck with me.

While it may seem like a strange metaphor, it will make perfect sense in just a few minutes. And it will help you write better copy, too.

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