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Ever notice how most of the guys and gals who achieve extraordinary success speak at seminars on a regular basis?

There’s just something about public speaking that sets a person apart from all the experts who prefer to hide behind their laptops.

In this post, I want to share with you the copy elements that should be included in a sales letter to fill a seminar, workshop, or live event. I’m also going to share a few insights I’ve picked up over the years.

Whether you end up using this information to help fill your own event — or another person’s event — is up to you. Either way, it will make filling an event easier.

I’ll list out all the copy elements in just a minute. But first…

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If you sell on the Internet, chances are that one of the most common types of sales letters you’ll write is one to sell an information product.

You might be selling an ebook, a special report, an e-course, a real book, a home study course, a group coaching program — the list of information products is a mile long.

So how do you go about tackling a sales letter to sell an information product? What copy elements should be included (or not included)?

After personally writing dozens of sales letters to sell information products, I finally decided to list out all the copy elements that go into this particular kind of sales letter.

I think you’ll find it particularly helpful to have this list printed out so you can reference it while you write. So without further ado…

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