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As you know, Copywriting Code is a membership site that teaches you how to write direct response copy.

Direct response copy is copy designed to get an immediate action, usually in the form of a sale. It is “salesmanship in print… salesmanship multiplied,” as John E. Kennedy said.

With that in mind, all the articles and videos you’ll find inside Copywriting Code have been created with an eye toward teaching you the art and science of direct response copywriting — the art and science of generating sales through the written word.

To get the most out of Copywriting Code, here’s what I recommend:

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Here’s an excellent post from my friend and colleague, John Manley. If you don’t know John, he’s a fellow freelance copywriter who has conducted dozens of copy tests.

So when I stumbled upon this “lost” email he’d sent me a couple years ago, I asked for his permission to share it with you. Thankfully, he agreed. Enjoy!


Why Did This Price Test Fail: Price Point or World Events?

From September to November 2008 I executed a test on copy I wrote for one of my alternative health clients.

Up until the test this online copy routinely produced an average of $2.25 in sales for every $1 spent on generating traffic.

Not bad, for a front end product, eh?

The copy promotes an ebook (plus other digital bonuses) for $37 and upsells to the audio version for an extra $10.

I decided to test what would happen by dropping the price by $10. The results were truly shocking…

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Two months ago I created a video showing you how to set up a split-test using Google’s Website Optimizer.

I used my own opt-in page for the test — and I actually didn’t know which variation was going to win. Well, now I know.

In fact, one version absolutely killed the other version. I don’t use the term “killed” lightly. The winning page won by almost double.

I recorded a new 6-minute video for you. In this video I reveal the winning page, plus a few thoughts as to why the winning version won.

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